Introducing Jesus, an Obedient Son

April 20, 2017

Hi, I’m Michael Kimball, producer and narrator of the Father of the Inklings podcast.

If you’ve been a listener to this podcast since its inception back in the Fall of 2015 by now you will have experienced 120 episodes dedicated to exploring the commands of Jesus Christ followed by another 120 episodes looking into the commands of the Apostles, all episodes taken from two books: The Commands and The Commands of The Apostles both by Michael Phillips.

So where do we go from here?

Personally, I find the Commands to be an inexhaustible treasure worth hearing and taking to heart on a continual basis. After all, being a follower of Jesus means that we hear, understand and do what Scripture commands. For this reason, I’ve chosen to run through all 240 commands on a one-episode-a-week basis that will be aired every Thursday.

Taking the Tuesday slot will be a new series based on Michael’s book, Jesus, an Obedient Son which strikes me as a natural next port of call. For those of you who enjoy having a physical book in hand when following along I invite you to visit where you can pick up a copy as well as other books by Michael Phillips.