Command #18 - Be Clear-minded, Thoughtful, Mentally Dilligent

June 20, 2015

Ours is a lethally superficial age. In an era of superhuman technological achievement, the facility to think judiciously is on the endangered skills list. Our computerized culture has rendered us dependent on machines to do our thinking for us. All the data anyone could ever want is instantly accessible. No need to engage the mind to figure things out, weigh ideas, and arrive at conclusions. Raw knowledge has replaced introspection. Our culture has made a god of this tidal wave of information. People don't even try to think anymore. They don't have to. We are losing our little gray cells from atrophy.

From The Commands by Michael Phillips. Read by Michael Kimball. More information on this and similar writings may be found at Father of the Inklings. Visit Amazon to purchase The Commands and other books by Michael Phillips.